Reading Goals | 2019

So what if it’s 2019 for 12 days now? In the grand scheme of things, it’s still early in the year, so here is another post with goals. I was completely unprepared for goal-setting this year. Truth be told, I haven’t set goals or resolutions in years and my life has been much better ever since. Goals mean pressure for me, and failed expectations. This year was my best reading year in a while, and that was purely the total lack of expectations.

Why would you go and set yourself goals now, then – you might ask.

I read in 3 formats:

  • library books,
  • physical books,
  • e-books.

This year, I’ve added audiobooks as well. In my professional life I might be a badass multitasker, but in my personal life I just get confused. I’m a mess, when I’m trying to multitask, and trying to read multiple books usually results in me reading none or finishing one of them before picking up the next. Basically, I can’t read multiple books at the same time.

All these different formats mean that I have accumulated more books than visible in my overflowing Kallax unit. This would be fine, if I didn’t live in a tiny studio flat. I’m not going to complain, because I’m very well off for London standards. London standards means that a shoe box is considered a studio flat, and I’m going to stop now before I start ranting. Add the eARCs to the mix, and here is an accurate description of my brain:

To avoid this in 2019, I’m joining a reading challenge that’s all about reading the books you own. My reserved goal is:

  • Buy only 1 new book for each 5 of my own books I read.

I put my Audible subscription on hold and here we go. Any physical, Kindle or audio-book will count towards these 5 books. ARCs and library books won’t. At the moment, I’m at 1 owned e-book, 1 owned physical book, and 1 ARC. I went into a bookshop and came out with nothing and I didn’t feel upset about it. This decision made me take a look at my shelves and realise that there are so many books I want to read there.

Other goals I have for 2019:

  • Pass on books I don’t love or for some reason don’t want to keep. I’ve already started with a flash Instagram giveaway.
  • Finish a few series I have ongoing before starting new ones. I’m sick of saying “oh I need to read the 2nd one” and then starting yet another series.
  • Continue to read mostly women, but this year I want to make sure I have a majority of women of colour.
  • Read 12 non-fiction books.
  • Throw a few more classics in the mix.
  • Not abandon this blog.*
  • Not abandon my reading journal.*

* My commitment issues only extent so far as my hobbies.

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