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    Book thoughts | Circe

    I pre-ordered Circe on Kindle back in spring. I only picked it up on New Year’s, and wow, am I glad I started the year with it. There’s not much left to add – everyone has been praising Circe for months, and they are absolutely right to do so. So, this will be a short list of thoughts, mainly reasons why I adored this one. I first met Circe in high school, when we were studying Homer’s Odyssey. Admittedly, she’s not portrayed well there. She’s a witch that turns men into pigs, and then is so taken aback by Odysseus’ intelligence that she falls in love with him. An intelligence…

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    Review | The Dreamers

    At first, they blame the air.It’s an old idea, a poison in the ether, a danger carried in by the wind. A strange haze is seen drifting through town on that first night, the night the trouble begins. It arrives like weather, or like smoke, some say later, but no one can locate any fire. Some blame the drought which, for years, has been bleeding away the lake and browning the air with dust.  Whatever this is, it comes over the town quietly: a sudden drowsiness, a closing of the eyes. Most of the victims are found in their beds.One night, in an isolated college town in the hills of…

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    Book thoughts | Nevermoor

    I've been seeing Nevermoor around for the past year and it was one of these books I knew I would like before it started. I also knew nothing more than the fact that Morrigan Crow is meant to die on the day of her 11th birthday, which is when she’s whisked away by Jupiter North.